Thoughts – Antibiotics & Milk Supply

Day 16

I shouldn’t have listened to the GP and stopped pumping. With my experience on hand-expressing, I couldn’t drain out the milk effectively. Furthermore, there’s no stimulation at all for the 2 days which I stopped and *GASP* MY MILK SUPPLY SEEMS TO HAVE DROPPED DRASTICALLY!

It dropped. And dropped to a scary level. There’s a total of probably 10ml in total ONLY for both breasts! *GASP AGAIN* I mean, not that I have a lot of milk to begin with, but this is too much!

I read up again on the Internet to see how I can increase the milk supply, and what could have affected it. And am both glad and not to find out that the decrease in milk supply could be due to the antibiotics that I’m taking. And it COULD be temporary…

Temporary. I do seriously hope so.

If I could only pump out this amount, I’ll have to pump 5 times before I can pump to the amount that she’s feeding now! And I wouldn’t know what’s going to happen in future if she grows bigger and needs more milk! O.O

So how to increase? Pump more. Massage or compression while pumping. Drink more fluid. Take fenugreek. Drink fish soup with papaya. Eat oats meal. Pump. Pump and pump.


Okay… that’s the last thing I can feel. One needs to relax…

Two more days to go and I’ll finish the course of the antibiotics. Hang in there…

And my thoughts are again in bits.

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