Blog #0400

1.43am – Yes! I finally managed to wake up after oversleeping for the past few days! Time to pump! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! 6.05am – Goodness… Luckily I left only 6 legendary items. Now, some of those that I have is beyond the search display pages! On average, I got each of this […]

Blog #0399

5.49am – In my head, while lying on the bed with my eyes still closed: “Oh damn, I think I missed my pump. The breasts feel so heavy… Should have pumped just now at 12am+ when I woke up and carried the baby. Seems like now its already 3am…” *Yawn, stretch, reaches for the handphone* O.O”’ Did […]

Blog #0398

12.57pm – I finally got the time to take a short break and sit down in front of my computer, other than the times where I’m sitting in front while pumping, and surfing the Internet with only ONE free hand. Sigh… Looking after a newborn baby is really hard work. Working is SO MUCH easier […]

Blog #0396

7.39am – The sis had gone to Malacca for a 3D2N break (wished I can travel now too). I just finished pumping my milk. There’s another hour before the next pump. Little milkie is sleeping now. Should I be sleeping too, to catch up on my sleep? Or should I be catching up on the […]

Blog #0395

5.20am – Hmm… why do I feel my breast a little hard?… … … O.O … *Stares at the time on my handphone* SHIT! Is it 5am+ already??? Did I miss out on a pump??? *Jumps up and looks through the record book* SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs off to prepare for pumping* 7.25am – Crap… Delayed the pumping […]