Blog #0393

5.26pm – Am finally resting and lying on the bed. Attempts to write on the blog for the past weeks kept getting disrupted by planned and unexpected events. Even for now, I’m writing this using my iPhone. Thoughts at this point – did the baby just made some noise? Yes, this is what always happened, which means there’s a possibility of me stopping anytime. Usually after rocking little milkie to sleep (by either of us), it’s either pumping or resting time. Sometimes even both of these can be disrupted without any warning. That’s my life now, surrounding over the little one and pumping out of the milk, and hardly any time of my own. Running of errands had to be quick. Showers and meals had to be quick. Sleeps are short and disrupted. All of these and many more, resulted in extremely broken thoughts. Another half an hour more to pump. I better get some good rest now.

7.02pm – CRAP! Just left the room for 10 minutes and I’m back with a toppled bottle of my just-pumped-out-milk! Thanks to a rushing dad who came in and mopped the floor really quickly. But seriously, is it of any use when part of it is covered with drops of milk?! And it’s my breastmilk that I’m trying so hard to pump out!!! Luckily not a lot spilled out.

I have no idea why the rush on that massage thing of his. Had already thought that he’s going to cut down and help to take care of little milkie, but then nothing seemed to have change. Crap! If he wants to go massage, then he should just go! Thats why I went out to warm the milk! Why did he still go and mop the floor???!!!! *Frustrated*

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