Blog #0394

5.47am – Almost dawn soon and I’ve been awake for the last 3 hours for a pumping, a hungry and crying baby, a poopy baby, a sleepy baby and then another pumping. No wonder my wrinkles appeared.

If only I’m sleeping beside the lil’ hub now.

10.32am – Sometimes, you just have to bear with the fact of not always beside your little one, and let the rest take care instead… I’d been resting since my last pump which ended an hour ago. And subsequently after that, took my breakfast and had quite a nice rest, definitely for the arms. Am I a little bad? *LOL*

So feel like going out now, to Arab Street, to buy something. Wonder if I can drop by the shop later on. Should I request for it? Hmm… But… it’s a little far from where I am. And what else do I need to do today? Okay, call the clinic whose phone had been engaged since 9am! Shall try calling them again. Good morning peeps! ^^

11.08am – *fingers crossed* Today the bathing session seems better… Hope it stays that way from now on…

11.38am – Was reading through the news and then the facebook, and decided to update the section on my favourite books and movies. Added “Little Women and Good Wives” for books and “10 Things I Hate About You”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and “A Lot Like Love”. These are all my favourite favourites. I read this book when I was 13. The first (a lot) thicker book that I read, and the first book that made me cried. I still remembered my mum was so pissed off with me because I was so engrossed with the book such that she had to ask me to take my meals for so many times, and at night, I would stay up till late at night just so I could read the exciting part. But yes, it was rather sad… and yes, this book made me wonder about a lot of things, especially on the way some live for others. To be a little women, and then good wives. Of course, it’s not really that applicable now, especially for such society. So… just follow a little? *LOL* Anyway, love those movies too! And the quotes from that two romance movies. Do I have any quotes for my own love life? Hmm… well, so far I guess I will only remember one, which did catch my attention – “You are cute. I like you. Be mine?”

Oh, the granny’s calling for the mummy… *Poof*

2.13pm – Okay. I’m SOOOO going to go out tomorrow and visit that shop!!! ^^

11.21pm – Suddenly, I remembered the 4 little books that my mum bought for me when I was about 4 years old. One is on fruits, another on animals. I couldn’t remember what’s the other two. And then I remembered those toys that I played (before 6 years old) – lego, paper cutting, jigsaw puzzles, colouring, origami, beading, cross-stitching. Hmm… *Pondering*

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