Blog #0395

5.20am – Hmm… why do I feel my breast a little hard?… … … O.O … *Stares at the time on my handphone* SHIT! Is it 5am+ already??? Did I miss out on a pump??? *Jumps up and looks through the record book* SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs off to prepare for pumping*

7.25am – Crap… Delayed the pumping by too much. I wonder how am I suppose to squeeze in 9 pumps today…

10.34am – Pumping the milk now (again). Will need to make a trip down to the bank later on to settle little milkie’s CDA account for the Cordlife before I can go and get my things. 2 hours, enough?

1.42pm – Am back for the pump, by an hour late. And now, it’s raining cats and dogs. Luckily I took a cab.

5.45pm – I just realised that at times, actually I DO have a little bit of time here and there to do some of my things. But then, I’m just a bit lazy to, and then most of the time, will end up either chatting with my mum or taking a short nap. Then again, I think I should make it an effort to pen down some of my thoughts immediately on the computer instead of jotting it down somewhere in the phone, since for some, it probably doesn’t always happen (and I don’t really want it to happen), such as… LITTLE MILKIE JUST PULLED HER HAIR TODAY AND ENDED UP CRYING! *LOL* And she continued to pull and cry, pull and cry =.=”’ Well, that’s babies.

7.42pm – Retro music movies are showing on every Thursday, 10pm on Channel 5 for 4 weeks, starting from today! It’s the Saturday Night Fever! I’m so going to watch it! Hopefully I can keep myself awake till then. ^^

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