Blog #0396

7.39am – The sis had gone to Malacca for a 3D2N break (wished I can travel now too). I just finished pumping my milk. There’s another hour before the next pump. Little milkie is sleeping now. Should I be sleeping too, to catch up on my sleep? Or should I be catching up on the blog posts? Hmm…

8.11am – Okay… There goes my plan of catching up with the sleep. Little milkie just woke up from a fright, and now she’s awake. Got to take over the “shift” from my parents and carry her to sleep first.

8.53am – Back. With a cup of milk. Managed to make her sleep and put into her own playpen. *Phew* But still, I can’t sleep now because I’m still on “duty”. Anyway, it’s almost the time for the next pump. I woke up late again so… *Cough* You know, it really isn’t easy to wake up in the middle of the night.

12.58pm – Arms breaking… after carrying little milkie for almost an hour including her feeding. I think after a few months, my left arm is going to be build up with all the muscles. Gee… I think I need to start carrying on the right side too huh? Otherwise wouldn’t it be unbalanced? O.O

2.24pm – Was trying an online face recognition tool for fun, and the result said that I’m 97% look alike with Kyoko Fukada! Erm… I did use my make over photo though. Maybe later I’ll try one that is my normal face. But the funny thing is… I tried 2 of the lil’ hub’s photos and the results are both female celebrities… Hmm…

2.37pm – Erm… I just tried a guy friend of mine and the result is a male celebrity… So why… Hmm… Let’s try another photo of his…

2.51pm – I think I played too much until the online tool doesn’t work anymore =.=”’

2.53pm – OH! Joey’s Book 5 is OUT! Hmm… should I pre-order? Wait… did I buy the 4th one?

3.08pm – The grandpa is so funny. Let little milkie sleeps on his legs while he sits down and dozes away… Life’s good. ^^

4.16pm – Woo… I received it already. Gee… that’s fast? I thought I only ordered it yesterday? And I’m freaking sleepy now… *YAWN*

6.24pm – As I look at little milkie lying on the bed, playing with herself… Suddenly, I realised that before long, she’s probably going to be taller than me…

9.09pm – Tiring day… Pumping milk now. Let’s see if I can find something good on Etsy.

10.21pm – The back is breaking. After pumping milk, I went to washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen a little as the mum was very tied up with the baby, and the dad is out. Then packed the Play-and-Learn-Quilt back into it’s package as it’s not suitable for little milkie to play now. Subsequently, I folded the clothes and placed into the wardrobe respectively. Lastly, little milkie started to cry and it’s my turn to carry. And half way through, the lil’ hub called to order supper, and complained about his unlucky day – washed car and ended up covered with ashes, received 2 parking fines, one while he’s having dinner at Bukit Merah, and another at our house (he parked downstairs). Oh yes, it did sound unlucky. But my arm and neck almost broke (I’m carrying little milkie and holding the phone between my neck and shoulder).

10.48pm – Break time. Mum carrying. But before I can warm the seat… I think I need to go and make the milk for the baby… *Takes a deep breath*

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