Blog #0398

12.57pm – I finally got the time to take a short break and sit down in front of my computer, other than the times where I’m sitting in front while pumping, and surfing the Internet with only ONE free hand. Sigh… Looking after a newborn baby is really hard work. Working is SO MUCH easier even during launching of projects. And I’m still freaking tired even though I slept for longer hours and delayed a few pumps this morning, attributing to the disturbed sleep.

Hmm… suddenly I realised it’s so quiet out there… where’s the baby? O.O?

1.07pm – Okay, she’s outside at the corridor with the grandparents. So it’s time to catch up with my blog posts! Eh… wait… it’s already 1.07pm? GOSH! I’ve only got less than an hour! And she just came in for her bath… =.=”’

2.48pm – Pump done. Lunch done. Little milkie sleeping. Going to bathe in a while. Now… I’m going to enjoy my Rocher chocolate… *YUM* I’ve got one hour of rest!

4.07pm – Mask done. *Yawn*

4.39pm – Pumping milk now but I feel like carrying little milkie now… Shall not sit in front of the computer after this.

7.21pm – A day is over just like that. Little milkie is sleeping again. Hmm… I think tonight we won’t be able to sleep much since she’ve been sleeping for almost the whole day. Oh well… At least the weather is really cooling after the rain just now.

10.33pm – The lil’ hub is going back…

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