Blog #0399

5.49am – In my head, while lying on the bed with my eyes still closed: “Oh damn, I think I missed my pump. The breasts feel so heavy… Should have pumped just now at 12am+ when I woke up and carried the baby. Seems like now its already 3am…” *Yawn, stretch, reaches for the handphone*

O.O”’ Did I see wrongly?? It’s almost 6am?! That’s 8 hours with no pumps! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

6.12am – WOW! This is insane! The legendary items of D3 after the patch is like WOW!! How am I going to sell those that I still have? Hmm… How many more do I still have?

1.44pm – Lil’ hub may not be coming over today because need to work late… *Sulk*

2.29pm – It’s quite interesting to see milk spurting out from your nipple huh? *Trying hard to entertain oneself*

3.13pm – All is done. Baby is sleeping and I’ve got another 45 minutes or so. Now am waiting for the water to boil so that I can bathe. So ancient huh? Well… there’s no heater in my parents’ house so… *cough* Okay, let’s try and focus on my past blog posts!

3.25pm – The water is taking far toooooo long to boil… I have only 30 minutes left… =.=”’ Gosh…

4.07pm – Decided to push back my pumping session by half an hour so that I can do some facial mask and have a quick tea break! I’m so hungry! And I kept getting hungry. How am I going to slim down at this rate?

4.53pm – I just helped little milkie joined a baby contest! Somehow, I realised, no matter how your baby looks like, you will always find your own – the cutest. *LOL*

5.25pm – It’s dumb. I tried logging in to this site where I wanted to buy a dress, and TADA! My account got deactivated for no reason! Dumb. Never mind. Save my money.

5.35pm – Sleep or write?

8.46pm – The lil’ hub is coming! ^^

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