Blog #0400

1.43am – Yes! I finally managed to wake up after oversleeping for the past few days! Time to pump! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP!

6.05am – Goodness… Luckily I left only 6 legendary items. Now, some of those that I have is beyond the search display pages! On average, I got each of this at 300k of gold. Damn. That’s like 1.8mil of gold gone! Hmm… cannot… must try and sell it off cheap before I get stuck with it for nothing!

9.55am – Little milkie can see quite far now! Her eyes will “follow” you when you move. SO CUTE!

10.30am – Why there seems to be so many problems arising just after 2 months? O.O?

11.51am – After almost an hour plus of “problem solving”. Luckily, there’s no issue with the system at all. The only issue is with my admin. The terms she uses, and those that I uses are different, and thus the misunderstanding. For example, when I say go into the “admin tools” and into the “resources” link, she only logs into the admin account and into that “resources” link instead. And then when I asked her if the page loads, she replied “no” and said it’s a blank page. Hmm… when I said “blank page”, it normally refers to the whole page blank without any links on the side. Sigh… I began to have doubts on her words and asked her to take screenshots for me and TADA! Everything is as fine as ever… =.=”’

12.09pm – It’s so funny… apparently little milkie enjoys my dad’s anyhow-singing. *LOL* GOOD FOR HER!

12.16pm – YES! Left 2 items. Sold 4 at a really cheap price. Probably at a loss but better than letting it sits in my vault and becomes worthless!

12.35pm – Time to pump again. Today’s goal? Let the rest take care of baby as much as possible and I shall catch up with my to-do’s! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! PUMP!

3.13pm – Oops. Consultant from Mount A just called. Told to switch off computer and concentrate. Ciao!

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