Thoughts – Eat. Sleep. Pump.

The lactation consultant from Mount Alvernia called just now to see how I’m doing with my breastfeeding. So nice of her… It’s just too bad that I already stopped breastfeeding directly. But nonetheless, she did give me some advice on what I should do since the amount of milk that I pumped out doesn’t seem to be improving. And I really mean… hardly… (and sadly)… AND it’s after I’d increased the number of pumps to 9 times (which according to her, is considered quite a lot), and I’d taken fenugreek for almost 2 weeks!

Well, there’s a few main points that she gave me and I thought it’s rather good to just share it. Basically it’s just EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, CONCENTRATE and you will PUMP well. So have you done all of the above?

Let me elaborate a little… and this is (I think) in order of importance…

SLEEP: I know it’s difficult. Especially if there’s no one there to help you. Even if there is, you might be thinking of doing something else. But apparently this is the most important point because the consultant asked this as the first question – did you get enough rest? Oops. I doubt I did for I still feel so tired every now and then since I’m pumping almost every other hour. And in between pumps, it’s either I helped to carry little milkie, or it’s my meal times, or I need to bathe, or I just stoned around, or I’m in front of the computer. Alright, the last two points are a little lame, but other than that, I’m doing something worthy! And okay, I did ask and confirm if lack of sleep will affect the milk pumped out and the answer is a YES. Sigh… I think I sucked at this since for the past month, I hadn’t really been sleeping enough.

CONCENTRATE: Oh. Another point which I failed drastically. During each pump, either my computer is on, or my handphone will be with me and I’ll be surfing the Internet. Alas. Bad. I’m supposed to concentrate on the pumping. And probably close my eyes and rest my mind and body at the same time. But yet… ahh…

DRINK: Fluid. Fluid. And more fluid. I’m quite sure I passed in this because one only needs about 2 litres a day, and I drank at least 300ml to 400ml per pumping session! With 8-9 pumps a day, I’m definitely drinking at least 2 litres a day. But is my urine clear? Erm… not yellowish but it’s not totally clear too. I’m not sure if it’s due to the multivitamins or fenugreek that I’m taking though. Nonetheless, I passed!

EAT: PROTEIN is the KEY thing. Soya beans, dark green vegetables, meat, fish etc. The body needs all these to produce the milk.

But again, it’s a combination of all of the above to get good results.

Anyway, the lady told me to try out over the weekend. To fully concentrate and use her method. And if the above fails, call them again.

Sigh… 20ml to 40ml for total of milk pumped out in a pumping session is really pathetic. I really need to GANBATTE!

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