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“My mum is very easy-going and easy to live with one. Not like you, kept complaining.”


That was what he said half a year ago. I seriously wonder if he still dare to say that now.

After one and a half month, I finally went back to my house for a slightly longer time. Coincidentally, my MIL wasn’t at home. And that gave me ample time to “examine” my house. My house. Hmm… Sounds weird and feels weird especially the moment I stepped into it. Everything looks the same but somewhat it felt a little different. Maybe it’s the air? Or maybe it’s the short conversation that I had with the lil’ hub just before I opened the door that made me felt like that…

“Oh. Your stove. Sigh… I argued with her over it that day. Told her it’s dirty and asked her to help to clean and she started complaining, and said this and that…”

Hmm… Let’s skip the kitchen first, I thought to myself. And so, right after I went in, turned on the lights and opened the windows, I headed straight into my room and it goes…

(summarize up in point form on the differences)
– Body shower and shampoo not topped up, almost empty soon
– Cotton buds not topped up
– The mirror in MBR toilet was extremely blurry (or cloudy)
– Vanity top wasn’t that clean either
– NOOOO water in either of my two flasks at all!! Yes, a confirmation with the lil’ hub was done and he complained about the breakfast as well
– Empty container in fridge
– Kitchen top and stove covered with a layer of dust
– Stove with stains
– Kitchen top near sink with stains
– Extremely dirty table cloth, which I threw it away after that
– Unwashed coaster left on kitchen top (as usual)
– One stack of newspapers in storeroom
– Two pieces of floor cloth lying around on the floor (I HATE THIS)
– Dusty shelves (I don’t see that she cleaned often though the lil’ hub did claim that she got clean)
– Not a very tidy bed, my bed
– A whole pail of damp clothes still not hanged

Half an hour over there and these were what I found. I tried to do as much as I could, but it’s really limited.

But sigh… when we were about to leave (the MIL was back by then), I told the lil’ hub to remove the spider webs at the gate. He immediately (and stupidly) told his mum to clean it when she’s free. And that MIL started yelling and said she don’t see any. And the lil’ hub yelled back and ding dong ding… (and he did even mention to chase his mum back home after that *I rolled my eyes*)

Sigh… Easy to live with? That was his wishful thinking. He just never talked to his mum much before. And his mum? Probably she never did so many household chores before and thus the complaints.

Put it this way. Before she started working again, she already complained that her son treated her like a maid and asked her to do everything. He, on the other hand, thought that his mum would be so nice and do all the household chores willingly. Now that she’s working and probably tired, I wonder how things would be…

Sigh… Poor me… Have to live with the constant arguments and messiness that I couldn’t stand.

Then again, it doesn’t feel like my house anymore… for some reasons… And I really hated that two pieces of cloth lying around on the floor. Don’t make me go back and throw them away. I swear I will do it if I’m going to move back.

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