Thoughts – Vaccination for Baby

6 weeks. A time to note. A time for vaccination.

Vaccination… Just the thought of it is enough to send shivers down my spine.

Oh. No. It’s not for me (thank God for that) but it’s for the baby. We chose the 6-in-1 after receiving some advices from various friends. Don’t ask me what is it for. I only know it’s compulsory and Hep B is in it. Anyway, it’s time for her first dose of vaccination and after considering other pediatricians, we decided to stick to her assigned PD at the hospital – Dr Simon Ng.

Today is the day… and we definitely learned something from it…

Just a while ago, the 3 of us were waiting outside with the lil’ hub carrying the baby. She was half asleep, probably tired but a little too noisy to take a nap (there were a lot of children screaming their heads off). I looked at the time and noted that it was her feeding time soon. But then, since she’s half asleep, I thought maybe we can wait… and so, when the nurses called her name after we waited for about an hour, we went in.


The moment the dad put her down on the bed, she woke up. As the doctor pulled down her shorts, she started to cry because she’s hungry. And for the next minute or so, the room was filled with her shrieks, a sign of hunger (and probably slight pain because of the injection). Ouch. Poor little milkie.

Meanwhile, the mum quickly took out the milk bottle and hot water, and tried to prepare for her food. But before she could do it, the dad pushed her to the front and the doctor asked her to carry baby to feeding position as he’s giving the baby a medicine – for rotavirus.

And so, the mum told the dad to prepare the milk instead. But the (as usual) rather slow dad, made the milk in a not so fast manner with the doctor rambling away on some other instructions and notes to him, making him even slower. In addition, pressure from the mum, who is trying to coo an extremely hungry baby.

Alas. It was a mess.

Once the milk was ready. The mum quickly shut the baby up by stuffing the milk bottle into her mouth while she’s standing. That solved the noise pollution. But damn. There wasn’t any seats inside nor outside and the mum had to feed the baby while standing.

Moral of the story: Never ever let a hungry, or going to be hungry baby, go for a vaccination. It’s not going to be easy.

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