Blog #0408

The never ending frustration just seems to continue on and on. From who? Whoever that kept nagging and nagging repeatedly. Hey, do I need to repeat times and again? I’ve only got 24 hours in a day so just let me arrange what I want to do first, is that alright with you? I’m already trying really hard to juggle everything, including helping you guys with things.

I wonder… is this the only time (mostly) that I can get some peace and quiet?

Am currently doing my routine pumping after an almost erupted argument between me and my dad. He kept asking me to take my lunch but for goodness… can I pump first? It’s just 20 minutes! I’d already passed my usual pump time due to baby bathing and feeding, otherwise I WOULD have already taken my lunch. And you are not me, you have NO IDEA how UNCOMFORTABLE it is to have BLOATED BREASTS!

I know I shouldn’t be writing this now, and should be concentrating and relaxing. But how can I relax when I’ve got peeps nagging at me for so many things before that, and causing my brain to want to explode now…?

Whoever that’s reading this, PLEASE, for the sake of the people around you, when you become older, DO NOT become MORE STUBBORN. It simply IRRITATES the hell out of people.

Damn. I need to start planning my TO-DO’s. Or else, it’s going to get worse…

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