Blog #0409

10.51am – Yes! Everything’s perfectly fine and I’m ready to have my second child! That is, if I want to, but of which, that idea hardly really actually crossed my mind before. Well, I just ended my checkup with my gynae and the wound had healed. The happiest thing is, my weight dropped to 51.5kg! Though there’s still an extra of 7.5kg, I’m sure I can shed it off in time to come. Ganbatte!

5.05pm – *Evil laughter* I finished ironing all me and lil’ hub’s clothes! WOOHOO! Let’s go for tea break now!

5.41pm – Now then say not coming back to eat =.=”’

6.49pm – Cleared quite a bit of things here and there. Time to take a rest.

8.29pm – That’s it for today. No more housework. Shall go and bathe, and have a good rest for the rest of the night!!

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