Thoughts – Visit Your Grandparents

Are your grandparents still alive? Are you close to them? Do you visit them on a regular basis?

I was talking to my mother on how filial someone is, to visit his grandparents even when he already grew up. But somehow, the reply that she gave wasn’t something pleasant – Of course! He was given money everytime he comes here.

Hmm… Question to ponder: So the real reason for this relatively regular visit, is it because he really wants to visit the grandparents, or is it because of the money? If it’s only because of the latter, wouldn’t it be really depressing? Would he still continue to come if the money wasn’t given to him? And why does the grandparents want to give him money when he’s already “earning” money to some extent? Isn’t he old enough? Is this the way how things should be?

Things, used to be so much simpler when I was a child. You visit your grandparents because you know they are your grandparents, and that they love you, no matter what. And probably they miss you too, and would hope that you visit them. Even though you might not be close to them, the least you can do is just to visit them while they are still alive. And if you are close to them, then all the more you should do that.

But alas, the society seems to be changing, and going towards an extremely unhealthy direction. It’s not the fault of a child, but the fault of an adult. If proper attitude and beliefs are not taught since young, how can the child learn? Worse if it’s being taught wrongly.

I seriously wonder if “filial piety” still exist in the younger generation of this society. Sadly… I think the percentage is already very low.

Nonetheless, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he’s here because of the grandparents and not just because of the money ONLY. (The word here is ONLY)

Three of my grandparents passed away before I reached 2 years old, so in a way, I would say I never knew them before. The last one that I had, passed away when I was in my Secondary. My parents used to bring us to visit him, who stayed at one of the Uncle’s house, at least once every fortnightly. Again, I would say, I never really knew him. How to, since I’m not really that close to him. But at least, I know that we are there not for the money.

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