Blog #0412

I’m in shock as I rose my head and saw the rows of clothes hanging on the window grills of ALL 4 rooms. Worse, it’s touching the outside of the windows. Gosh! Is that my house? And mine is the ONLY level that has clothes hanging at the windows for the WHOLE BLOCK! I wished so much that I can chase her out straight away! Like the way she complaint and chased away the Chinese tenants.

To add on to this, there were stacks of unwashed pots and plates in the sink. Coaster STILL left unwashed on the kitchen top. The water in the flask somehow looks murky. And the clothes bar was hung half way when she’s ironing her clothes. WHAT THE HELL!

Sigh… Not to mention that the air in the whole house suddenly becomes so stale since ALL the windows had been blocked by her ugly and now dirty clothes. How can I not be frustrated? I deliberately chose a house where I know the flow of air would be relatively good but in the end, it seems too useful only for her clothes. And us? Breathe in the air filtered by those clothes? F***! And my minimalist theme house doesn’t seem minimal anymore. Might as well call it a rubbish dump.

I’m not a tidy person but she’s definitely a lot worse than me.

HEY! If you want to make things messy, PLEASE keep it to your room and the common toilet ONLY. I already closed eyes for both of these areas. Don’t make me go and make you keep it clean for these 2 places as well.

I’ve got my limits.

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