Blog #0413


Felt like kicking her back to her old dirty house. And she can dry and hang her clothes anywhere she wants. Keep the sink and plates as messy as possible. And the floor dusty. With the air totally stale. And an extremely bad fengshui caused by herself.

Mood to do anything is totally gone as the brain is filled with thoughts on how to clean up the house. And I meant the WHOLE house.

Checks on all corners haven’t been done. I wonder, would I faint at the sight of it?

I am and definitely intending to throw away some of her things. It’s too much. This is WAY too much. She’s crossing the line.

Hey mother, remember you once said something like this when I stayed at your house for a period of time, and the lil’ hub told you I’m one who don’t do household chores – “So long as I ‘mess’ up the hub’s room and not anywhere else, then you are okay.”. Mother, I followed your rules since it’s YOUR house, can you do that now, TOO because it’s MY house? And it’s not that I don’t do household chores. I just don’t do it for other people, but I’ll do it for my house, and I will do it to MY expectation, which proves to be SO MUCH higher than yours, sadly (for me).


I wanted to make your life more comfortable but in the end you seem to make mine a lot worse. If it’s not for the lil’ hub, I definitely won’t agree to you staying with us.

DARN. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! I’ll send you back to hell right at this moment! You ****** *****!


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