Blog #0416

2.10am – Okay. I just realized I’m talking nonsense or still in my dream after suddenly being woken up by my parents, to ask me to go into the room to sleep. I thought the baby was still on my lap, and I had wanted them to carry her. BUT… I’d already put her back on her pink bed before I K.O. on the sofa! =.=”’

8.37am – The body doesn’t seem to belong to the brain as each of them started to function on their own without any communication at all. Darn. This is worse than yesterday. I can feel myself floating… or is it fainting?

1.20pm – I looked at my watch. Should I make a dash to the store and grab my dessert, and then rush down for the bus? Or should I just slowly walk down to take the shuttle bus back to office now? After a few seconds of pause, I decided to choose the latter. Life isn’t about rushing here and there. Yes, time is money. And I probably would have completed more of the things that I had wanted to do, had I just quicken my pace a little. But with my almost worn out brain and body at this point, maybe a slowing down of to-do’s would benefit even more.

10.15pm – Ah… little milkie is 2 months old today. How time flies…

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