Thoughts – Juggling Between Work & Family

Having tea break now to rest my aching head so… here I go… decided to ramble out some thoughts…

It’s Friday today (thankfully), the fifth day after I started working. How? I thought it was okay. I thought I was beginning to get to the routine. I thought the plan was good but… it failed badly.

The initial plan was basically to let my parents take care during the day and the wee hours. And then when I’m back from work, to play with her a little on and off. Meaning, I’m not going to have all my attention given to her when I’m back since… I’M SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOME PERSONAL TIME. BUT apparently this doesn’t seem to work after the episode yesterday…

Her cries… Sigh… It’s as if someone abused her or deprived her of love. For goodness.

Thus, this morning, in order to try and salvage the situation, I took over the feedings, not once, but twice which… proves to be a little too much for me. Especially when within 4 hours, you did like 2 feedings and 2 pumpings. It’s almost continuous! In the end, I took half a day off in the morning and gotten a bit more rest before I headed for work.

So how? How does one juggle between work and family? A family with kids.

Am I (again) giving myself pressure knowing that she don’t want me to carry her?

How much time should I allocate to each of these parts in my life?

I definitely have to work. That is for sure. Unless I can start my own business and is enough to support all my expenses as of now. So that left me with the time after work when I’m relatively tired. Plus with my pumping that took up probably a third of it while I”m still awake. I don’t think I have much time to spare for anything.

Prioritize first?

*Totally lost*

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