Thoughts – “Forced” to Married

I sensed that something was wrong and thus, I’d decided to drop a message to this friend of mine. But then he briefly brushed it off with some end-of-the-world jokes, and so I never probed into it further. That, happened a few days ago.

Today, I receive a rather shocking news from him. His wife is pregnant.

Shocking? Shouldn’t it be a great news? No. Not to him…

He never wanted to get married. Don’t even try mentioning having a child of his own. To him, this world is beyond salvage (which I do somewhat agree) and he don’t want his child to suffer for there’s no hope nor future in this world, and especially life in Singapore.

But, a year ago, he finally agreed to marry her long time girlfriend and sacrificed his so-called own happiness and the things he wanted to persue¬†just to probably “satisfy” all the people around them and make them happy. Somewhat, he gave up on these people who said they love him. He gave up because they don’t know him and only pressured him to do the things they want him to do. He could have¬†said no, but I’m not really sure what happened in the end that made him agree to get married.

Anyway, he wasn’t happy now, in fact, he’s very angry. He wanted his wife to abort the baby. He said that she broke the agreement. He said that he was being tricked into it (I’m not sure how though). And he said he won’t be appeased unless the baby won’t be born into this world. Ouch.

An unwilling party that was somehow forced into getting married, and then now tricked into having a baby. All of these weren’t anything that he wanted. But the baby is innocent… A “war” between adults and yet innocent lives are affected. Who’s to be blame?

As much as my friend does seem to be an extremely bad husband, but I do understand the kind of disappointment he had in those people that he wanted to care. He tried to give in, but it’s one thing after another, and it seems to be endless. First married, second is a child, what’s next? Extremely good life for the kid? Or? I know that, all he wants is a simple life, but yet the wife of his doesn’t seem to agree with that…

Will this marriage last…?

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