Blog #0423

8.24am – On the bus to work. Cannot be to late today, at least not consecutively. Today is Wednesday, the middle of my second week back at work. Will it be a nice and happy day today?

1.5 weeks. I guess it’s time I bring my mind back to work. Again, it ain’t easy to juggle between work and family, and own personal time (which I hardly have it now). BUT! Let’s all TRY and do it together!

*Humming the tune of “Happy Working Song”* – a way to self-psycho.

9.48am – Finished first pump. Going to wash the tools and then need to go for my meeting already.

4.53pm – BUSY.

6.33pm – Nobody’s going to stop me. I’m so going to iron clothes today! Woohoo!

7.48pm – I sat down and put her on my lap, and then gently pat her back to make her burp. It wasn’t anything unusual until I felt some warmth on my thigh. Ah… she’s shitting. But still it’s normal… And then SUDDENLY, she burped and puked out the milk onto the sofa, and the next moment, I felt even more warmth, on my thigh and *GASP* HER SHIT FLOWED OUT!! EUK!!!!

10.32pm – SO CUTE! She’s actually crying when the lil’ hub sort of reprimanded her. Hmm… kids are really intelligent nowadays huh?

11.03pm – Life can be so interesting… Somehow, sometimes, when something is not meant to be… it’s just not meant to be… I… never got to have the time to iron my clothes today…

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