Thoughts – Angry Gui Water

What?!!! Again??!!!

Table cloth hung on cabinet’s bar (OMG!). Sponge in sink (WTF is it doing there?!). Bread clip and panadol thrown on kitchen top (=.=”’). Floor cloth lying around (Grrrrr…). Windows all closed, door closed, fan not switched on, and it’s an extremely hot afternoon (BN… Simply BN! And maybe crazy too!). [BN = Bo Nao = No Brain = NB]

That’s it! The relatively good-tempered Gui water is angry! And VERY angry! GGGRRRRRRRRRR…!

For times and again, I’d tried to close my eyes, even both my eyes and ears just not to get myself angry over such matters. That was before I gave birth while I’m staying there. And now that I’m not staying there for the past 2 months, it’s as if suddenly (and I’m pretty sure that’s the case) she don’t need to it until so nice. And so… all her USUAL self start coming out… one by one… from BAD to WORSE!!

First hanging of the clothes at the windows grill. More and more. So outrageous until it moved to MY bedroom! Then came the floor cloth. I bet the cloth can move on its own huh? From her own bedroom, it started crawling out, and worse still! Gave birth to another piece of cloth! Then you have lizards’ traps everywhere! Woohoo! I think she probably will die of stupidity and me, because I couldn’t stand her stupidity! Why would anyone lay an “OPEN” trap for a lizard?! There must be a reason why the paper trap is designed in such a way that it’s supposed to be covered! You put it on the floor, opened, with a piece of poison right in the middle, only an idiotic lizard (like you) would go eat it! And I don’t think in this case, quantity will help. Every 2m there’s a trap. I think it’s CRAP! YOU are only messing up the house! And for GOODNESS! VENTILATION!! PLEASE!! I don’t want to go back to a stuffy, gloomy house! Closing the windows doesn’t mean dust will not come in! Where’s all your common sense? Or do you have any to begin with?!!! And are you really that poor to need to keep a dirty cloth with so many holes? I’m sorry it’s gone now. You should be glad I haven’t throw away the other piece.

Yes. The Gui water is FURIOUS!

As the Chinese saying goes, “The tiger don’t show power, you treat it like a sick cat”. Now I’ll show you what happens when the cat recovers.

I said to myself I gave you face previously. But, I give you an inch, and you want a foot. FOOT MY HEAD! You can wait long long. You are just like your son. People treat you nice and you take for granted, and then after that just happily do whatever you want. Yes, you can, but at your own house. This is MY house. And I’d already closed both my eyes for your room and the common toilet. I never messed up your house previously, so you better don’t do that to mine.

SOME more still give me that stupid black face when I told you not to anyhow throw the floor cloth next time. Scold me all you want. I’m not going to care anymore. This is what happened when you pissed me off. And I don’t think I can cool down that easily because of your stupidity, stubbornness, laziness and dirtiness.

And I’m sorry. You’ve lost my respect for you. Totally.

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