Thoughts – Giving it Back

The society seems to be lacking this, especially for the younger generation, who gave the impression that they were generally self-centered. Something which I hope won’t happen to my beloved little milkie.

This ain’t a sudden decision. I’d thought about it for quite a while and the topic came back recently, after a chat with the lil’ hub. What is it about? It’s about giving it back to the society.

The world, as you can see, seems to be getting from bad to worse. With everyone caring for their own self. Look at some of the shocking news that happened in China previously, where passers-by really JUST pass by even if there’s an accident happening near them. I’m quite sure, this happens not only in that country.

I used to think that the world is beautiful when I was young. A friend agrees totally with me. But now, he had given up all hope on human race. To him, animals seem so much more humane. What do I think now? It sucks, but I’m trying not to give up. I’m not God. I’m not very noble as well. But I believe I still can make someone’s life slightly better, somehow. How? Sponsor a child. I did, in 2008. Just that now, I’m seriously thinking of sponsoring another one. I can definitely afford another one, just by shopping a little lesser.

Of course, there’s many other ways to give it back to the society. But with my schedule right now, I think this will probably be the best for me.

Lastly… I just hope my money won’t be going into someone’s pocket instead. Let’s hope the world will become beautiful again.

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