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Somehow, it’s definitely irritating when friends of yours don’t understand the situation that you are in, especially when there’s a baby involved. As a mother, I’m obliged to take care and protect my baby as much as possible. I dote (of course I would) but I don’t pamper. Who says that the kids nowadays must have aircon? I don’t, at least not at home, not when she’s sleeping. But that’s another whole loads of different stories when I need to bring her outside. Outside where the air is bad and dusty, and probably full of germs. “Last time kids where got always need aircon”. You don’t see HFMD, SARS etc. popping out in the olden days, do you? Please use your brain a little and put yourself in other people’s shoes before you open that mouth of yours at times.

I think I’m in the cycle where the aura is bad. Don’t offend me, or I ain’t going to let you off.

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