Blog #0426

6.27am – I am fainting… This is like… only 3 hours of sleep… =.=”’

9.40am – Clarifications made with the stupid lil’ hub. He finally woke up his idea of getting his mum to do the household chores, and instead to engage a part time helper. I seriously wonder what’s wrong with his brain.

10.29am – I’m fainting… This is too much to handle… My mind is in a state of blank… And my work is really piling… x.x”’

11.05am – What is ITIL?

1.43pm – OKAY! I really NEED to concentrate! Otherwise I doubt I can clear my work! Now, where is my updated TO-DO list?

2.56pm – I am seriously dozing off…

3.34pm – Ah!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY AM FAINTING!!!!

4.09pm – Suddenly. I feel like going to the beach. Or maybe, like last time… just randomly take a bus and let it takes me to anywhere in Singapore…

4.37pm – When you can’t breathe and is having a headache. Be obedient and just STOP whatever that you are doing. Don’t be TIKI!

4.52pm – I gave up. No point repeating and then my words fell on deaf ears. He don’t even care, so why should I? I mean, what’s the point?

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