Blog #0427

Don’t yell. Can’t we just talk? Do you have to flare up so easily and raise your voice?

Why are you forever thinking that everyone else is stupid other than you? Why do you need people to spoon feed you, and tell you to do this and that? And if people doesn’t, then it’s THEIR fault.

Don’t you have a brain of your own, too?

You have zero experience with babies and I’m only telling you from all the things that I’d heard, read and seen. Babies WILL get cranky when there’s too many activities or change of environment. And thus I suggested not to go back to our own house. FINE, you want to go back, we shall go. But it indeed is troublesome to go back in the afternoon, then out again, and then back home. For that, you find it stupid because the stroller is back at home. And you started blaming people for asking you to bring back. HEY! You’ve been blocking it in your SIL’s room for almost 2 months, don’t you feel bad that her room is in a mess? And hey! I don’t meant for you to bring home, but instead to put in the car’s boot. It’s YOU YOURSELF who wanted to bring back because you mentioned that the weight will caused the car to use more petrol. FINE! AND THEN you started accusing people, saying that the stroller is in the box! Use your brain. Use your brain. Can’t you take out on your own?

You don’t read. You hardly talk to people. And you act smart. Bravo.

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