Blog #0428

Tired? Extremely. And somewhat pissed too BUT… I have to tolerate… for the sake of little milkie… Even though the lil’ hub is brainless…


Early in the morning, I started my day as usual. And then my mum came and told me that they are going out at about noon. Fine. And so I went to tell my lil’ hub that my mum will be going out. And his reply? “Sure. We’ll try to go out with them then.”


He haven’t bathed. The things are not packed yet. And he’s still playing game ever since he woke up and self-declared that his shift was “over”. Anyway, I was hoping so much that the rain would continued for long till we don’t have to go back to our house in the afternoon. But too bad, it stopped shortly after. And no, we didn’t manage to leave at noon with them.

Back at home, I was already freaking tired and hungry after being awake for hours. And all the lil’ hub could think of was to pass the baby to his mum, as if afraid that I would stop him. Goodness. She should have just popped over instead of being so lazy and refused to go over and looked at her granddaughter, IF she really misses her so much.

Anyway, we didn’t get to rest much and had to go out already, bringing the baby along. It wasn’t that bad except that she was staring and staring, and didn’t get to sleep a lot. But then, instead of leaving at 9pm, we stayed till almost 10pm, with the lil’ hub still happily continued to chat when it’s already 9.15pm. Sigh… so much for a dad… All he cares about is catching up with his friends.

Well, am thankful that little milkie is sleeping now. Hopefully everything will be fine tomorrow. She’s freaking tired, I can see that…

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