Blog #0432

1.41pm – Love, work, family, friends, money, health, education, leisure… how to handle all of these?

Am in a lousy mood today. Furthermore, with the lack of sleep, it just makes it lousier. And then on top of all these, it’s that list of things that I need to handle. Pui. Life really sucks sometimes especially when you felt so lost. Shopping doesn’t help. Eating doesn’t help either. Then what else? I can’t possibly take cab back home everyday, can I? That’s such a waste of money. Urgh.

8.51pm – Having a baby is easy. But looking after one isn’t.

Initially I had thought that the baby will just stick to you no matter what. But that’s totally not true. Sometimes little milkie feels so far away from me. Cried so hard when I carried her. Sigh…

11.16pm – Goodness lord! Fancy thinking of touring with his friends at a time like this when little milkie is still so young, and I still need to pump my milk out so frequently. Pass to his mum to take care? Hah! It’s either he wants to torture little milkie or torture his mum. Crazy!

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