Thoughts – Accused

The last thing that I ever wanted, was to be accused for something which I never do, be it for personal or for work. And now, somewhat relatively early in the morning, I’m being accused for something which I don’t remember I did. And the more I thought about it, the more I’m sure I couldn’t have said it.

It goes like this…

Boss asked me and my admin to go into her office. Asked us why we get X to do this. I’m like O.O and the boss continued to explain that we shouldn’t. So to sort of get myself out of the confusion, I changed the direction of the discussion a little and¬†told boss how to solve the whole thing using the method which I proposed earlier but she never agreed till now. Fine. She agreed. But as I recalled back… Have I talked to X ever since I’m back from maternity leave? No. So what’s the explanation of his accusations? I explain to Y, and then probably Y explain to X. But the problem is… it’s two DIFFERENT ISSUES! Well, that’s the best explanation I can think of.

Anyway, I just sent an email to ALL of them to clarify on this matter.

Sigh… don’t you simply¬†hate being accused for something that you never do? Especially if you are really not given a chance to speak up and explain for yourself. But does it matter even if you have the chance to?

To me, it probably doesn’t matter anymore, and this is very true if it’s the lil’ hub who is the one accusing me.

Either way, why can’t people just clarify directly first before accusing? Is it because it’s a lot easier to just point finger and accuse, instead of spending time to clarify things out? Gee…

*Morning somewhat spoiled*

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