Blog #0433

9.23am – Good morning! It’s not too bad for a Friday, considering that I woke up in the middle of the night to pump and feed milkie all by myself! Cool huh? Well, I guess it’s all thanks to proper time management with an early sleep, that allows me to keep myself relatively awake still. Anyway, today’s big meeting with my department had been cancelled, which means I’ll be lost for another week, and tonight will be our company’s Dinner & Dance! How time flies… I still remembered I got bitten by an unknown insect last year. *LOL*

The weekends here, and it’s going to be another busy one. Sigh… nowadays, weekends just seems to┬ábe even more tiring than the weekdays especially when I need to go back to my own home. Oh well, what to do. Life goes on.

*Looking forward to 3.30pm*

3.03pm – Damn. Received an email from the boss to do a report BUT the problem is… the numbers that she had couldn’t tally with whatever my report has. AND the BIG problem is… she gave a powerpoint to me instead of an excel… -.-”’ How would I know where she got the values?

3.24pm – PACK UP!!!

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