Blog #0434

11.49am – When the weekend comes, I felt even more breathless. Considering the fact that the lil’ hub didn’t really help much in packing up the things. So everything becomes my “business”. And all he could think of is just bringing the baby back home so that his mother can see her. But he didn’t realise that by bringing little milkie home, there’s added stress for me. Sigh…

4.32pm – Pray hard…

6.45pm – Shall heed my mum’s advice – hands off everything and get some good rest!¬†Sorry little milkie if you felt a little bored. It’s just too bad at times you got a really BN dad. *Sayang*

9.57pm – WE ARE BACK! Woohoo! And it’s not me. It’s not me. *LOL*

Ain’t I happy? A little bit, to be honest. *LOL* Well, I’m back at my parents’ house after little milkie started crying like crazy, and the lil’ hub couldn’t seem to calm her down, and of course, starting to get a little pissed. The MIL after seeing this, and probably a little scare not knowing what to do, asked us to bring her back. The lil’ hub, couldn’t do much and thus agreed on that. Me, of course I have to obediently obey right? ^^

Anyway, little milkie did calm down after I took over from the lil’ hub again but we won’t know if she’ll start looking for her granny again in the middle of the night, isn’t it? So here I’m back! And let’s see… maybe there’s a good chance that we won’t stay overnight anymore till little milkie is older! Sometimes, I did really love my life.

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