Blog #0436

9.10am – If you are sick, please do not go to work. Stay at home so that you don’t spread the virus to people around you. You can be sick, but others might not be able.

But alas… a bit late… Some of the virus seem to have entered my body without my permission. Damn it. I CAN’T afford to be sick!! Drink water. Drink water. Take vitamin C. Drink water.

Seems like my bazi clashes with this month. Burnt an iron yesterday, and forgotten my handphone this morning, and had to u-turn back to take. Sigh… and now my throat feels itchy! Ahh…!!!!!!

11.28am – Sometimes I really feel like vomiting blood looking at the work that they do. Doesn’t make sense at all and yet they continued. Sigh…

12.00pm – Time set! I WANT TO SLIM DOWN!

2.18pm – Busy? Not really. Or should I say I let myself not be busy, and chuck all the work aside! *LOL*

3.26pm – The eyelids are battling against itself as it struggles to keep the eyes open…

3.47pm – Another 2 more going… The morale is really going down… down… down…

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