Blog #0438

4.50am – Please don’t wake up… Your mummy needs to sleep… She only slept for less than 3 hours…

6.40am – Did I just sleep for an hour or so only? @.@”’ *Making the milk*

6.53am – Admin on MC.

7.33am – Let’s grab half an hour of sleep…

8.01am – I’m SO FREAKING LATE AND TIRED!! *Quickly woke up to wash up*

8.36am – AH!!!!! FINALLY FOUND LITTLE MILKIE’S PACIFIER!! Damn! Should have just asked the nearest peeps. Sigh…

8.44am – Okay. I’d decided. Shall get my dad to drive and send me to work.

10.42am – Yeah! Bought 2 pacifiers (2+ and 6+ months), 1 pacifier clip, 1 teat brush and 1 teether!

11.53am – Bought Yan Yan biscuit for my lil’ hub! ^^

1.54pm – Back at work! Went back for lunch just now. So nice… can see my little milkie… Ah… 3 months old already… ^^

2.29pm – Sigh… if you need people’s help… can say everything clearly and finished up first before disappearing? =.=”’

3.02pm – So bored. Maybe I should just go for my pump now.

3.32pm – 2 more hours to go. Time is moving so slowly today.

4.33pm – Oh my GOD! There’s still an hour to go! Urgh…

4.41pm – Don’t bargain… You need to do means you NEED to do. Sigh… Is it that difficult? Well, it’s too bad. Your company wants to implement all these. I don’t have a choice either. It’s either you mati, or I mati. *LOL*

5.28pm – Ciao!

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