Thoughts – Baby’s Second Vaccination

I just brought my baby for her 3rd month vaccination this morning. Luckily, it wasn’t that bad. The doctor tested her response, which is good. And then checked her stomach. All is well and TADA!

He inserted the jab into her right thigh, and then the nurse put a handyplast over it. At the same moment, little milkie let out a loud cry. Then I quickly rushed over to her side to hush her down. And moments later, the doctor came back with another jab, and now, into her left thigh. Little milkie then let out another cry, and kept on crying. Seeing that it’s over, I picked her up and sayang her till the doctor gave her some oral medicine and she shut up immediately =.=”’

But then… Doesn’t it just hurt you to see your baby crying until so pitifully?

I had never been fond of jabs. In fact, I am very afraid of it, even until now, at 32 years old, and I doubt that will ever change. The last few jabs that I had was during the delivery of little milkie, which I told myself that I don’t have a choice, and just had to go through the expected pain and fear.

So wouldn’t it be even worse for a baby? One moment, the doctor seems to be playing with you using a toy (which in fact he was testing something), and then the next, suddenly you felt some pain in your thigh. OUCH. And then all you can do is cry and cry, and in the hope that you won’t be left alone. OUCH. Her eyes were all filled with tears.

No wonder my mum dare not go in with us… Sigh…

Anyway, previously had a chat with few of my friends, and according to them, the doctors matter for some will cause your baby to cry even longer because it’s more painful (the doctors are not as skillful). So in a way, I’m glad that this paediatrician isn’t that bad.

Well, one more jab to go in the 5th month.

Now I only hope she won’t have fever like the last time. *Pray hard*

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