Blog #0444

Woohoo! I finally finished my mosaic lamp project that took me almost a month to finish it! The hard work definitely pays off for it’s really nice, especially when it’s all light up! Makes me want to do some more. And the good news is, I found the website that sells this! Am going to contact them tomorrow and see if it’s possible to buy it from them. Let’s hope it’s possible because I’m going to purchase lots and lots of them! *LOL* It’s so fun to mosaic items!

How’s today? Well, it had been tiring since I’m always on the “wee hours” shift. But then otherwise, my mum is probably the more tiring one. Little milkie had been sticking to her and only wanting her to carry her to sleep. Can’t do much about it since they kept saying that this phase will pass… Let’s hope it passes fast though.

It’s Monday tomorrow. Sigh… So reluctant to go back to work.

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