Blog #0445

8.07am – She smiled, with her mouth opened wide as I kissed her on her forehead. What more can I ask from that reply. It’s obvious. She loves it. ^^

10.10am – Back at work and settled down, with my breakfast done, the water bottle washed and topped up with warm water. And then a nice cup of hot Malunggay tea by my side. Ah… it’s Monday, with both bosses not around for the whole week. Definitely a good time to sort everything out, especially the dieting part! *LOL*

1.47pm – Hmm… Failed today. At the time where I wanted to start dieting… my dad prepared 2 pieces of white bread for me instead of wholemeal bread. And then subsequently after that, I had Long John Silver for lunch. *Guilty* Now… I took off the girdle because apparently I didn’t put it properly in the morning, and “flesh are flowing out in between”. Sigh… Obstacles after obstacles. Never mind. At least I try…

2.42pm – Finished my second pump. Ah… 3 months over… at least another 3 more months… But seriously, by the time if I can last till a year, and there’s still milk, wouldn’t it be a bit wasted to just stop? Hmm…

4.34pm – Making the collage for CIO’s farewell. Hmm… he wasn’t that bad, you know? Wondering what’s the actual reason that made him decided to leave… Health?

5.17pm – Yes! She replied!

6.07pm – Little milkie’s studio pictures are here!! Hooray!

7.11pm – Ah… SO CUTE!! I LOVE IT! Thanks Little Miss Rabbit!

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