Blog #0446

9.08am – I wonder… Is drinking Essence of Chicken really useful? *Sipping it and trying to see if there’s any magic* Oh. It’s another day. Thankfully, it’s going to be a short week. Friday is a public holiday!! Good the very morning!

9.26am – Cereal done. Everything all set up. So now… it’s… TIME TO START WORK!! *So hyper today – thanks to the 2 good things – photo and mosaic*

9.59am – Okay. The easier ones are done. Now… do I want to use my brain now? Or should I wait?

10.16am – Hmm… *in deep thoughts*

11.03am – Suddenly… there seems to be a big market for it…

11.05am – Wow… the mother of the triplets is scolding one of the girls. Hmm… not the first time. Apparently the girls (2 girls and 1 boy) showered together and instead of showering, they were playing. And then the poor boy had to wait for his turn. So the boy called to complain, and then at the same time, the girls were fighting inside. So that does it. Hmm… seems like the kids nowadays are really difficult to teach. *Gulp* Recalling that day… I was blocking little milkie from watching the TV, and she kept on shouting. Hmm…

11.33am – Time to go for lunch. And then after that do some work + serious thinking and planning.

2.05pm – Back from lunch! Had a really hearty and sinful one! Ate a bowl of you mian, and then after that I got one goreng pisang. Half an hour later, I ate a cup of hot fudge! Damn! So fat.

2.21pm – Need to pump milk but am waiting for a colleague to come over to discuss something. Hmm… when is she coming over…?

3.16pm – Weird… Why the training suddenly is done by me? Hmm…

3.25pm – Damn. I was going to reply my friend’s SMS and in the end I type on my keyboard. WTH.

4.10pm – CUM: Cubic Unit Meter. Hmm…

4.13pm – Took out the bengkung. Pain.

4.40pm – Training starting but I’m itching all over. Urgh.

5.31pm – Training over! Time to go home! Shall take a cab back and pump immediately. Don’t really want to pump in this dirty place. Sigh… Ciao!

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