Blog #0447

8.34am – *screeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammm* I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH & WASH MY FACE!!!! And I’m ALREADY OUT OF THE HOUSE! Damn it! Damn it! The lil’ hub was in the toilet sh*tting and thus I continued to do other things and change, and forgotten clean about it! ALAMAK! This is SO GROSS! >.<”’

9.06am – Let’s hope rinsing the mouth with plain water will help, and same for the face. Ah. Let’s start cracking.

10.58am – Stupid toilet. You put that sensor light to save money but can’t you please make it longer? Do you expect everyone to finish their “business” within 20 minutes??! =.=”’

12.48pm – *Tick* *Tock* *Tick* *Tock*

2.36pm – Falling asleep…

3.29pm – I almost fainted when I saw her reply. If that is to be true… then… I FELT LIKE I’D BEEN LED ON!! Sigh… Shouldn’t she just tell me earlier?! Rather than giving bits of information here and there. And now that I’m SERIOUSLY considering it, she told me some more information which just crushed whatever idea I have. Damn it. Damn her.

6.32pm – Taking train for the first time after quite a long while… Hmm… Will it break down today? Oops! See! The confidence level for them had dropped so much!!

6.42pm – Damn… why is the train crawling… =.=”’

6.54pm – I just LOVE IT! My new pink booties charm! Got one for Ah Girl also. Hmm… wonder when I can go and meet her, then pass it to her… AND I WANT TO SEE HER BABY TOO! *LOL* Just too bad I can’t handle little milkie now. Otherwise I don’t mind bringing her out. Oh well, let’s see how things goes!

11.21pm – Hmm… Go there and buy?

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