Thoughts – Showing Appreciation

It’s Tuesday today, and the farewell lunch for our CIO was over. Milk pumping completed. Photos selected and transferred. And now, am grabbing some time to write (more of complaining) some thoughts down.

Showing appreciation – something that one should do if he/she asked another for help, or if that someone volunteered for it. It’s a simple and polite thing to do, to make this pathetic world a little better.

Well, this is what happened. So… my CIO is leaving, and thus we (to be exact, the director or maybe the boss) decided to hold a farewell lunch for him. This task was assigned to 2 of my colleagues, who were volunteered by the boss and director to start the “Recreation Committee”. And then my name was mentioned if they need ideas. This is NOT a problem. But it became a problem when they (boss and director – B&D, in short) mentioned that whoever that is going for the farewell lunch, need to contribute money. Fine. That is also NOT a problem. But it became a problem when they fixed a minimum amount (S$20) for those who are going. Still, it is not a problem, although in between, we (3 of us) did crack our head on how to proceed, especially when the location decided isn’t going to be cheap.

So… things were already firmed up until yesterday, where they (again) made some last minute changes. Fine, my admin managed to solve it. And today, we were glad that we manage to put everything (the coach, the venue, the video and card) together right before the lunch amid our own daily work. That’s it. We were happy.

And then… there she (the D) comes again…

We were transferring some last minute photo into the digital photo frame. And then D came along and said that she wanted to see the photos. Alas, it doesn’t show any pictures. None of us is familiar with that stupid photo frame yet. Never mind, she said. And then she asked how come the video couldn’t be put in. So, my colleague told her that it’s due to the format. Her reply, “Why you never tell me? I got a new one back at home!”. Damn it. I thought the present was decided at a time with your permission? Why didn’t you volunteer it out then? And we’ve only got last week and yesterday to do the video (NOT forgetting our daily work), do you think we have the time to test out and read it through? Fine. We quickly packed up and left for the restaurant.

Sadly, I sat with the CIO and bosses… and… I guess another colleague probably managed to see through me, and see how “dulan” (pissed) I was, as I sat there quietly while D kept on making the comments and questioning me, such as:

  • Why didn’t you get us to dance? (Hello… you and B are on leave last week… and we’ve only got last week to film… Seriously, would you, if we asked you to?)
  • Why kept on repeating? Only these few people. (Hello… do you think it’s that easy to get people to dance? We asked and pulled people until we want to go nuts. And not everybody wants to shake their butt!)
  • Why the scenery so long? You should go and edit first before putting it in the CD! (*Cough* Dude, this is done by Suzhou’s peeps. I am NOT the producer. And this is how and what they want to show to the CIO. If I were to edit it, wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose? You might as well give them a script and just ask them to follow what you want. Duh!)
  • They shouldn’t delete the wishes like that. It’s like deleting away the well wishes. You all should edit it. (It’s the thoughts that counts. The person who came up with this idea is a non-Chinese. Don’t be so superstitious. And fine… edit if you want. Sigh…)
  • Why didn’t the other 2 sites come up with the video? (Well… they never give, do you want to make it compulsory. Even if it is… again, as I mentioned, wouldn’t it defeat the whole purpose?)

Basically, we just don’t feel like we are being appreciated for doing something that wasn’t even things that we volunteered. It was just assigned to us like that, without any thanks (not even “Thank you for doing this”), even till now, just lots of comments on how to improve this and that. In fact, we probably might easily get reprimanded if the things that we do ain’t good. Damn it.

And you know, she’s asking my admin to give her the name list on those who didn’t go… Hmm… why didn’t you just make it compulsory then? =.=”’

I simply don’t understand…

And really really REALLY… just 2 words “THANK YOU”, (though the CIO did say it) would really motivate us to “volunteer” for the next event. In this case, I’m not sure anymore. Who would do something that is, as the Chinese saying goes “Chi Li Bu Tao Hao” a.k.a. “to put in much hard work, but get very little result; to undertake a thankless task.”?

I rest my case.

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