Blog #0452

10.02am – The lady beside me is scolding her maid, yet again… Poor thing… I meant both the lady and her maid. Couldn’t blame the lady since apparently there’s some issues with the maid. Couldn’t blame the maid because she’s born this way. Hmm…

10.11am – Meeting. Urgh. Seems like the brain-washing process.

10.27am – This is like a meeting between 2 person, instead of 8. WTF.

11.40am – I foresee problems approaching… and I have a need to run to the loo now… *POOF!*

3.29pm – Doing a last minute thing is never fun. And doing one with not clear direction is even worse. Sigh… Never mind… the Dog month is going to end soon… Hang in there…

By the way, Jetstar having promotion for next January to March. Better catch it fast before the price shoots up!! It’s definitely not for me though. *Sulk*

8.26pm – Finally had some time to sit down and rest. The baby is asleep. I’d finished my dinner and bathed. Drying my hair now while on duty to watch after the sleeping baby. Mum is going to bathe now. The lil’ hub is out meeting his auntie and an agent for dinner. It’s time, for planning.

*Takes a deep breath*

Come to think of it. It’s been quite a long while since I’ve got the chance to sit down in front of my deskie and typed. Lil’ hub had been hogging on my deskie for days where he stayed over. And I’ve only got my iPhone and my nettie with me, which definitely didn’t manage to make me sit down and reflect. Furthermore, with the lil’ hub around, he tends to keep talking to me about his work. Of course there’s always the baby. As much as my mum is helping, thoughts are always interrupted by either the baby, or my milk pumping. Either or, it just makes me doesn’t even feel like starting.

Anyway, these 3 days had been really busy. Busy for nothing, in fact. And today, again, there’s some “scoldings” being conducted. Sigh… and the worst thing is… I think my admin finally can’t take it anymore, and is planning for exit. Damn. That’s not a good thing, you know. For one, I’ll lost a lunch kaki. Secondly, I have a feeling that those things that she’s handling now, will somehow be thrown to me shall they be unable to hire another one before she left. No, it’s definitely not a good thing. And so to save myself, I’ll need to SERIOUSLY plan for an exit plan. The word is “SERIOUSLY”, not trying anymore.

Otherwise, life, so far, had been relatively good, with my mind totally occupied by things. So occupied until I forgotten (and don’t have the time) to paint my nail polish for the Halloween. Sigh… (I bought the black and orange nail polish quite a while ago).

Well, tomorrow will be the start of another month. So let’s not waste anymore time and start planning so that things that be started on the Day 1 of a NEW month. I like it this way! Ganbatte!

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