Blog #0454

8.45am – Eating my cereal now. Damn. I really can feel the “heatiness” in me. Lips feel dry all the time. Hopefully today it doesn’t crack and bleed. Sigh… and I doubt I’ve got the time to rest this weekend since there’s the baby shower. But am still thankful that today is Friday. TGIF.

9.01am – Early in the morning, and I feel like puking blood. *Fighting against the headache that comes back again*

9.24am – TMD. These people are idiots.

9.54am – Supposedly the intention of the shared email account is created just so in case either of us is not around, the other can work on it. But now… it seems like I’m the only one working on it. And when I’m not around, it’s there… and there…

3.08pm – Headache.

3.54pm – Bloody hell.

4.18pm – TMD.

4.39pm – F.

5.14pm – Crap. I didn’t know it’s not free. Sigh. Should have just finished using my $5.80.

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