Blog #0457

8.48am – And then… he reminded me of the awkward scene yesterday… Damn… Now, am furious again!

9.33am – Diet! Diet! Diet! I cannot let that 2 idiots laugh at me! TMD! BN giving birth to another BN. *Takes a deep breath* It’s Monday… It’s Monday…

11.22am – You have no idea how demoralize it is for a Monday, when you get that kind of reply. Sometimes, and in fact, most of the time, it feels like I said it best when “I said nothing at all”. Sad huh? Living in a marriage where I can’t seem to voice anything. And even if I did, I have to take a queue number. It feels almost like… when you want to protest in Singapore, you need to apply for it. Sad. I live in a country like that, and now I’m living in a marriage like that, where I need to “apply” and set a time for it. *Totally speechless*

3.28pm – Okay done. A job opportunity. Better grab it and see how is it, than miss it.

3.43pm – Yeah! I booked my new course! Woohoo!

4.22pm – Hungry…

5.07pm – I’m so freaking busy!!!!! Gee… since when has all these things accumulated??!

11.07pm – I only drank a small little cup of apple beer… Nice but… why am I feeling a little giddy now? Hmm… it’s just a year and I’ve become like that… *Gulping down water*

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