Blog #0458

9.22am – Good morning! It’s Tuesday and I’ve got so many freaking things to do. What’s worse? I’m SO EXTREMELY TIRED! @.@”’

10.12am – Finally my breakfast…

11.02am – It’s quite frustrating when there’s so many idiots out there. Educate, educate, educate.

12.06pm – Back from lunch. We are fast. Shall go pump milk now. And… TOMORROW I’M ON LEAVE!!!

1.45pm – Updating my resume. Hmm…

2.42pm – Why does people want to use their middle finger to point at things? Hmm… different culture?

2.47pm – Really don’t like the way he talks.

3.04pm – I want to¬†follow by a guideline, not by memory. Feels weird about this sentence. Doesn’t one have to remember a guideline? O.o

3.50pm – Hungry again…

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