Blog #0459

9.12am – It’s going to be a really quiet working day with the admin on leave today. It’s Thursday, one more day to the weekend. Am so looking forward to it. Lots of things are still hanging there but what can I do with that little spare time that I have? *Ponder* Let’s start working!

10.23am – SUCKS!!! I spilled at least 10ml of my milk!!! *CRRRRRRRRYYYYY* ~ Don’t cry over spilled milk. I guess that’s where it came from…

1.39pm – Back from lunch and pump but am so lazy to start work. *Yawn* There’s still another 4 hours to go. Forgotten to bring my ezlink card today, so most likely am going to take a cab back tonight. Hmm… I still have that box of clothes underneath my table. When can I finish bringing everything back?

3.01pm – Half done.

4.48pm – Yeah! An hour to go! But it’s raining so heavily now. I hope the rain stops by the time I’m going home. Hungry again… wonders what I can eat. Just now during my pump, kept watching the video that we took yesterday, on little milkie talking to the lights. She’s so cute! But I kept thinking… is she talking to the lights, or did she see something that we didn’t? Hmm… well, that’s another day’s topic.

5.31pm – Alright. I’m slowly packing up now. Today the lil’ hub won’t be coming over, so I guess I can do a bit of my own things? ^^ Ciao!

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