Blog #0460

6.37am – Today is Friday. It’s 6.37am now. I doubt I’ve got the time to catch any sleep already… @.@

7.59am – Damn. Woke up at 4am+. Pumped and washed pump parts till 5am+. Slept for less than half an hour, and little milkie woke up. Fed and carried her till 6am+, and then it’s time for another pumping and washing. And then it’s already 7am+. And now it’s already almost 8am after another less than 30 minutes sleep!!!!!

8.50am – (singing) Zombie. Zombie. Zombie ie ie ie o o o o o o o aaah… ahhh…

9.58am – AH!!!!!!!!!!!! My colleague said I look more and more auntie!!!! AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

11.48am – Just hung up on a so-called not a sales call, only awareness. Rubbish. And I hate it especially when those peeps just continue to ramble on, without getting any acknowledgement from the receiver. Hello… have I ever told you that I don’t understand what you are saying when you just rambled on? Sigh… and why do I kept farting today?

2.40pm – I’m sorry. I’m not going to change my mind. Please do what I mentioned. Fullstop.

3.44pm – It’s raining so heavily…

4.55pm – I came back… and received the most disgusting news ever, since quite a long while… That CMI PM is going to be promoted to Director!!!! URGH. Gross.

5.22pm – The more I think about it. The more I think he’s not up to it! But I think it’s quite difficult for the previous Director (now promoted to VP) to decide too, since probably that guy will be pissed if a new person comes in. And yet she can’t promote the capable ones as a lot of people might not be happy, and that her own position might be in danger. Sucks. I hate this kind of strategy games. I’m out of here.

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