Thoughts – A Simple Life

Early in the morning, the friend texted me again. He was frustrated. Frustrated with himself. Frustrated for his indecisiveness. He didn’t know what to do. My attempts to help him sort out his thoughts didn’t last much longer before another wave of questions flushed his mind again.

He was my ex-boyfriend. And he hasn’t changed much.

At 32 of age, it’s alright to fall in love. But to still chase after the “fairy-tale” kind of story, it is a little old. Furthermore, he’s married. After being married for only 2 years, he’s starting to feel lonely due to their working schedule. At times, it can be a month before they get the chance to see each other. And according to him, even if they were both at home, they will hardly do things together as they got totally nothing in common.

There’s not much sparks in the first place. He married her only mostly because she treats him really very well, and he didn’t want to be a bastard then. He’s yearning for the sparks… the kind that will make him want to give up everything just to be with her. AND he met one. He likes her. I think she likes him too. But she knows very well that he’s married and she didn’t want to go further. He didn’t dare to start either. And so it ended before it even started. He felt stupid. He’s going in cycles. A deadlock, I would say.

Why? Why go through this again? Haven’t you suffered enough in the past? When you left for another?

I woke up this morning feeling extremely tired, and so I continued to nap a little longer. It’s a Saturday and we were supposed to go back to our own house in the afternoon. But the lil’ hub, (I think) knowing that I longed to go for a KTV session, told me that we’ll skip the going home part, and instead, to go for a K lunch followed by a haircut. And so, that’s what we did. Then back at home, we took turns to look after little milkie, played games and slept.

Isn’t this nice? Do I have things in common with the lil’ hub? Not really… I only started playing games so that I can communicate better with him. Do I argue with him? Oh yes, lots in fact.

What am I trying to say?

Life can be simple, but you can he happier too. Why make it so complicated and give yourself so many headaches? Would it be better if it’s another person? It might not be. Why search for something that’s so difficult to have?

And again, I have only one question for you, my dear friend. Do you want to be with your wife, till death do the both of you apart? It’s a choice.

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