Thoughts – Omitting the Top

It’s almost the end of the year and it’s time to do something FUN!

Oh yes yes, I sent an email out yesterday to 2 of my colleagues, asking them if they would like to plan something fun to mark the end of 2012. After all, we do deserve some fun, isn’t it? And so, the moment I reached the office, I gathered the 2 of them and started discussing about it. But as we go along… we realised that, we (all 3 of us), didn’t want to involve the top management, for ONE GOOD reason – we don’t want to be controlled, not for this kind of fun.

After the previous few events, where fun had became not so fun (according to what I heard from various sources about the same thing), we sort of, learned our lessons. Imagine playing a shooting game, where one team shouted “KILL THE DBAs!”, and then another “KILL THE FINANCE!”, and then all these fun was killed by a “CANNOT SAY SUCH THINGS!” by the D. Ah.


Seriously, when you rose to the top, of course it depends on how capable you are but DO remember that the position that you have now, is all because you have a great team supporting you! And if all you did is to micro-manage, someday, like today, will be what happen. Wouldn’t it be better if you try to mix and linger with your team? But now…

WE, are scare of you, because you seem to comment more than you appreciate one’s efforts.

WE, the fellow colleagues, will be omitting you out of our plans.

WE, don’t want everything to go according to what YOU want only.

WE, have our own ways of having fun.

WE, want things to be non-compulsory.

WE, want to do things where we would love to fork out money on our own, WILLINGLY.

WE, have our own set of minds.

So please don’t. Stop controlling us in every direction. WE, hope you will learn something from this (if you ever know that we are omitting you out of this fun-time).

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