Thoughts – The Foreigners

A sudden thought crossed my mind as my colleague and I walked towards the shopping mall, NEX, and talking about the growing number of people in Singapore. Damn. What happened if all these foreigners were to go back to their own countries?

First thought – there will be a lot of space.

Second thought – wouldn’t our daily life be affected? Not that we are going to die though…

Over the years, with the “help” of the government, the population in Singapore had been steadily increasing, be it good or bad. From the time where (I still remembered when I was young), there’s still a lot of greens, hardly any traffic jams, empty trains during the off peak hours, to the high-rise building everywhere, jams (cars or humans) everywhere and almost fully packed trains during the off peak hours. I wondered… doesn’t all those people need to work???

And then before you realised it, surrounding you (the born in Singapore, Singaporeans), it’s all foreigners, talking in their own language.

When young, I used to learn that Singapore is a multiracial country, with 4 main ethnics group – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasians. Now, it feels more like Singaporeans (a mixture of race), Chinese from China, Indians from India. Alas,… is this still the country that it used to be?

When young, I used to learn that there’s this term called “overcrowding”. I never knew how would it be like. But I guessed my Geography teacher must had been really smart then to foresee this coming. Now I know what it is, and how it feels like. It sucks. *LOL*

When young, I used to learn that it’s good to learn from people from other country, especially when they bring their culture here. But now, I guess it depends on the kind of culture. Would it be good if they bring things like shouting, scolding vulgarities, littering, snatching people’s husband, murdering etc.? “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime” – I wonder if this is still applicable nowadays. Somewhat, I still find that it’s linked to the increasing number of foreigners that causes this, especially those not highly educated.

No, I don’t hate these people, but neither do I like them, especially those that thought they are the citizens here. Worse still, those that takes Singapore as a stepping stone. Tell me, how many intends to really live and grow old here?

Sigh… anyway, this isn’t something for me to worry at my level. There’s nothing I can do either. So long as they don’t cross my path, I’m quite alright with them hanging around me, though I would hope that they would leave Singapore (excluding the Malaysians). But be prepared if that were to happen because they had already¬†appeared and helped in our day-to-day lives. What would happen to the shops? Hospitals etc.? Hmm… doesn’t feel good knowing that we had to depend on them. Sigh…

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