Blog #0462

1.23pm – Waiting for my dad to finish cooking the lunch. But damn, I’m not hungry at all. Just finished my breakfast a while ago. *LOL* HAPPY DEEPAVALI!! Oh yes, it’s a holiday today and I slept quite late last night, woke up early to feed the baby, and then dozed off again until almost noon, before I forced myself to wake up.


Okay, shall not waste my holiday away. Let’s do some work!!

2.30pm – Ah… have to go and buy the milk powder already. Okay, shall start the work later. Milk powder is more important.

3.52pm – I’m back! And so freaking tired. Hmm… should I pump first? Or have the tea break first? The latter one I guess, to prevent my dad from nagging at me.

5.49pm – Shall take a short nap. Damn tired.

9.27pm – After a whole day of attempting to do things, I still haven’t start the things that I wanted to do. Procrastination. Sigh. How I wished this word doesn’t exist in my dictionary. And so does the word “fat”. Apparently the temptations for nice food are too difficult to resist, especially when you’ve got family members who love to eat – my sister and the lil’ hub. Sambal sting ray and satay on the way back soon… tell me… HOW TO RESIST?!!!

9.39pm – THE FOOD IS BACK! *Evil laughter*

10.02pm – So full. So fat. >.<

10.04pm – Sometimes, I really feel like scolding those peeps around the neighbourhood for being so inconsiderate. Such as playing some fireworks which kept making a buzzing sound. And worse, drilling at such times. And then we’ve got peeps horning too! Sigh… but all these are probably still alright, since (I hope) it’s only today. The WORST of all is that idiot who rode a damn noisy motorcycle, that will pass by almost every night! Damn him (or her)!

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