Blog #0463

8.36am – Thoughts running through my head. It’s already the mid of the month, next week I’ll be heading to Bangkok. Yet, I haven’t achieve the targets that I’d set earlier on. Alas. Bad.

Am feeling disorganized for everything. Bad.

And I wonder if I’m going to enjoy my Bangkok trip, knowing that I’m going to miss the little naughty adorable milkie. Bad.

Sigh… Life is so full of contradictions.

Today is Wednesday.

9.23am РThe admin will be working from home later in the afternoon. What and where should I eat for lunch?

9.38am – This is bad. I really got no mood to work.

10.05am – Let’s try and listen to a webinar. 1 PDU.

11.23am – Yes! I got 1 more PDU! 49 more to go! Woohoo! =.=”’ Time for early lunch. *Yawn*

12.15pm – Back from lunch and am trying to act healthy by having some fruits now. Passing of motion hasn’t been that smooth. Oops, is that too much information given? *LOL* Paid my credit cards’ bills. Luckily went to check. Today happens to be the date due for one of it. Finance is in a mess due to the lack of organization as the lil’ hub is still hogging the computer by the time I’ve got some energy to sit in front of it. Think I better start shifting the things that I want to do out of that deskie of mine. The admin’s gone back, meeting her child’s form teacher today. Next time (still a long way to go) will be my turn. *LOL* Damn, I’m thinking so far ahead. Okay, let’s go do some calculations, provided I can find the excel file. Hmm… now… where did I put it…

1.36pm – Over shot my spendings for this month. It’s only mid month, and I only have $71 to use… Urgh… How to survive? Hmm… No cabs. No restaurants. No gatherings. NO CABS. NO asking of dad to drive. Urgh.

2.35pm – Busting my ears with my wedding songs! Hope it wakes me up a little.

2.53pm – Raining extremely heavy now. Damn. I can’t take cab back. Urgh. And I haven’t even start buying the Christmas prezzies! And then there’s the Christmas decorations! Maybe I should opt for an easier idea… Hmm…

3.49pm – Munching biscuits in milo. Bored. How? Finished the draft of the requirements document but don’t feel like sending it out. That guy is sure to repeat the same thing again – let’s discuss this. Yes, I also know we should discuss it, but with your schedule booked for the whole day, everyday… how the hell would I know when you are free? DO NOT expect me to go and look for you everyday. Even if I’m free, I wouldn’t do that. Damn. Why did they promote him to director?!!

4.38pm – For some reasons, the milk supply isn’t as much as the normal days. Is it due to the lack of water? Or lack of rest? Or what? I don’t think I’m stress at all. Hmm… cannot. Mustn’t let the supply drop.

11.35pm – Heehee… Bebe gave me a not-so-surprise surprise… BUT… it is DEFINITELY a very nice one! ^^ Goodnight peeps!

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